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You searched for local SEO services so we assume you already know why you need it. Shall we spare you the explanation and jump straight to why Nover Marketing is your best option?

Why you’ll love us

  1. Agencies who promise to put you on the first page for X, Y, Z overnight are lying. We’ll tell you what’s possible right now and what you’ll need to work towards over time.
  2. We document everything we do so you know exactly how your time and money is spent.
  3. We walk you through jargon free reports so that you can learn how SEO is working for you.
  4. You’ll see results, period. 


Boosting website traffic by 149% year-over-year and driving a 1,854% surge in visits to the careers page for a civil engineering firm.

our formula

Don’t let your agency over-complicate things. SEO is simple.


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Our tools show us what people are searching for and the difficulty of ranking for each term. We’ll put together a realistic plan to help you start ranking for terms related to your offerings.


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Once we’ve identified a keyword plan, we’ll create a content schedule to help you start ranking for those terms. This includes optimizing page titles, meta descriptions, and on-page content.


/ backlinks

Google is basically a popularity contest. When good sites link to your website, its a signal to Google that you’re the best. That’s called backlinking and it’s vital for SEO. We’ll help you grow your backlinks.

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