About Nover Marketing LLC

Nover's Cost Effective Digital Marketing Solutions

Built for Small-Medium Businesses & Non-Profits

Shop local! Give back! Do Good! We are surrounded with messages that urge us to give back to our communities, foster local growth and inspire goodness. If you are a small to medium business owner or an integral part of a non-profit organization, you understand that barriers to entry can make it difficult to do these things. Our world is becoming increasingly digital, and competing in the digital sector can be costly.

Nover Marketing was founded to address this dilema. By providing comprehensive cost-effective digital marketing solutions, we offer a space for small to medium businesses and non-profits to compete in the digital world. 

Nover Marketing in a Nut Shell

What we offer: Cost-effective digital marketing

Our pricing: Although it depends on who you compare us to, our services are offered at about half the price of many digital agencies with six discounts available to eligible parties – check out our full pricing guide

Why we do it: We are a mission-focused company, and the digital success of small to medium businesses and non-profits is our priority

How we do it: By keeping overhead costs low, we can offer quality digital marketing services at cost-effective rates

Nover Marketing in a Nutshell