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Our piggy bank would be full if we scraped the web searching for agencies who claim to offer “custom” sites but deliver templated (pre-designed) sites. You have a unique story to tell and that must be done through design, motion, copy and visuals that are only associated with you. With Nover, that’s what you’ll get. Drop a line to get started with a custom site today.

You searched for custom site design so we assume you already know why a custom website is superior to a templated website. Shall we spare you the explanation and jump straight to why Nover Marketing is your best option?

Why you’ll love us

  1. Everything we do is from scratch. No templates, no stock icons, nothing. Everything is custom built to showcase your brand’s unique identity.
  2. Other agencies do the bare minimum and stop when they’ve met their contract obligations. We won’t stop until we feel our contract obligations are fulfilled with work that has the potential to win awards.
  3. We’re perfectionists, and you deserve nothing short of that from your website design agency.

our formula

Don’t let agencies over-complicate the process. Your custom website is as simple as 1,2,3.


/ ux•ui audit

We define the ideal user experience (ux) and user interface (ui) for your audience based on a deep understanding of your product through internal interviews and a competitor analysis. 


/ live development

We don’t waste time with graphic wireframes. We get the process started with lean, live wireframes so you can see the experience in action. This way, you’ll never have to think “if I had known it would look like this…”.


/ storytelling

A well-designed website is nothing without a compelling story told through copy and visuals. We marry the two, ensuring your message is told in a way that is authentically you.

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