Nover Marketing’s Pricing & Available Discounts

We Believe in Transparent Pricing

Look at the website of almost any digital marketing agency and you’ll find vague information about pricing. At Nover Marketing, we put our money where our mouth is – or rather where our website is.

Our per hour rate is $85/hour, and we offer six different discounts which can bring this rate down even more. If you sign up for recurring services or sign a contract for a hefty, multi-month project, we offer a $15/hour discount, bringing our hourly rate down to $70/hour. Check out our discounts below and contact us to learn more.

We Offer Savings & Discounts

We want our digital marketing services to be available to organizations with all kinds of budgets – which is why we offer a great selection of discounts. Browse our selection of discounts below, and remember that you can combine discounts to receive up to $15/hour off services*.

Recurring Services Discount

$15/Hour Discount

Our biggest discount, which packs the most savings! Sign up for recurring services with a 6 month contract and get $15 off per hour.

Non-Profit Discount

$5/Hour Discount

We love to see non-profits give back to their communities. If you are a registered 501(c)(3) you are eligible for a $5/hour discount.

Health & Environ Discount

$5/Hour Discount

If your organization protects the health or environment of our communities you are eligible to receive a $5/hour discount.

New Business Discount

$5/Hour Discount

Just getting started? Businesses are eligible to receive $5 off per hour during their first two years of operation.

Women & Minority Discount

$5/Hour Discount

Does your organization specifically focus on uplifting women or minorities? You may be eligible for a $5/hour discount.

Pro Bono Grants

Free Work

Each year, we pick some pro bono projects to work on. Contact us to be considered for future pro bono projects.

*Discounts will be granted by Nover Marketing, LLC after being reviewed for eligibility. The maximum discount a client can receive is $15 off per hour. Some clients may be on grandfathered plans, which offer different rate schedules. Nover Marketing, LLC will honor such plans through December 31, 2019.